About Us


We feel great pleasure to introduce our self as one of the reputed and fastest growing firm in Jamnagar ( Gujarat ) India. Our specialty is into the manufacturing of brass gas part products like Access Valves, Forging Nut, Rod Nut, Long Nut, Dead Cap, Union, etc. With years of experience and our rich know-how of the brass products market. BrassBlizz Private Limited is one of the largest platforms of buying brass gas part products. We have extended our services across all major cities in India. BrassBlizz Private Limited is defined by its people – the owners of the business! We are a team of exceptionally driven, capable people solving a real consumer problem. Let’s adopt the revolutionary platform that will provide you hassle-free direct dealing with us.

We are well known for our perfection in Quality, Delivery, and Price among all our Customers. We are always standing to serve our customers for a cost-effective solution with the best quality. Our management peoples and dedicated employees are always working very carefully for Zero Defects in each stage of the production.

We have built a long term and very strong business relationships based on our superior quality, premium services, Trust and good mutual co-operation with our customers.


BrassBlizz Private Limited preserves the integrity and professionalism that have characterized the company’s brand image over the past years and remain on course to realize its vision of becoming one of the India’s largest firms to manufacture all kinds of brass products.



Through ethical business practices and involvement of our coworkers and suppliers, we will exceed industry standards in every stage of the business to provide superior value to our customers.


We don’t want to raise capital, but to raise our people and partners. At BrassBlizz Private Limited we don’t think of our success in just profitability but, in making our employees & partners super successful in life. We believe in the maximum, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.


We don’t settle for less, instead, we focus on more. At BrassBlizz Private Limited, we don’t gloat in what has been achieved but, focus on doing them even better.


We won’t get successful until there is a strong and deep trust with each and every stakeholder. At BrassBlizz Private Limited, we don’t think we do everything today to say we are extremely trustworthy but, we are aware this is a key tenet of what we do, and we work hard with committed goals and timelines to ensure we are ever-improving.


In our minds, we are clear that doing the best work of our lives will be a very long journey. At BrassBlizz Private Limited, we believe that we will succeed not just by achieving quarterly/ yearly milestones but, knowing that those milestones were achieved without zero compromises on our long-term plan.


We don’t want our employees to be managed, but we want them to take control.